The device fails to meet the criteria set for remote VPN connection "When I try to connect another group it failed with the errors "VPN establishment capability for a remote use is disabled. A VPN connection will not be established" and "AnyConnect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway. Please try connecting again.

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connection establishment before disconnecting the remote console session to avoid this condition. The VPN connection was terminated due to a loss of communication with the secure gateway.

Firewall (port filter rules, etc.) Disable the software firewall and try to connect again with the VPN …

All of sudden my wife's VPN Client is unable to connect to the server. We're running it on Windows 2000 and it connects via ADSL on a Lucent Cellpipe modem. When you run the VPN Client it says that it has "failed to establish a secure connection to the security gateway".

Mar 20, 2013 EventTracker KB --Event Id: 20227 Source: RasClient This event is logged when the user dialed a connection named which has failed. Resolution : Fix problems with RAS connection establishment The establishment of a RAS connection for Internet or VPN connectivity takes place in stages. The successful completion of a stage is indicated by the generation of an informational (success) event. VPN event 20227 Error code is 87 Jul 17, 2017 Broadband connection failed with error 829 and then 819