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Jan 04, 2002 What is Malware? - Definition, Examples & Types - Video Malware is a combination of the words malicious and software and is used to describe, in general terms, any type of bad code we may find on a computer. Any software that gets installed on your What is Malware? How Malware Works & How to Remove It | AVG Jul 11, 2019

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Check Point Research says that the malware currently accesses the resources of a device to show fraudulent ads for financial gain, however it could easily be used for far more intrusive and harmful purposes, such as theft of banking credentials and eavesdropping. Adware - Wikipedia Malware The term adware is frequently used to describe a form of malware (malicious software) which presents unwanted advertisements to the user of a computer. The advertisements produced by adware are sometimes in the form of a pop-up or sometimes in an "unclosable window".