How to Get Internet Without Cable or Phone

Is it possible to get Internet service from another The question needs more clarity for a better answer. Assuming you are asking about accessing “content” over internet which is hosted in other countries, yes its easily possible via your local service provider / ISP. You do not have to do anything Internet Service - Affordable High-Speed Internet There’s a lot of Internet Service Providers out there, but with a blazing fast Internet service provided by CenturyLink, you stay connected to the world without long‐term contracts or bundling. It’s a great home Internet service for an affordable rate. Make CenturyLink your Internet service provider today. How to Get Internet Service While Traveling | USA Today Step 1. Stay at hotels or hostels with Internet service if you will need to get online frequently or at odd hours. Check the hotel website or call to ask about the service; if you need to work

Rank Country/Territory Avg. connection speed ()1 South Korea 28.6 2 Norway 23.5 3 Sweden 22.5 4 Hong Kong 21.9 5 Switzerland 21.7 6 Finland 20.5 7 Singapore 20.3 8 Japan

For travelers and people who have decided to live in remote areas of the world, satellite internet is now a real possibility. Companies like HughesNet and WildBlue now provide fast, affordable service to almost anywhere in the country. If you have a business and are interested in finding out more information on getting your presence on the Internet, Country I-Link can help. We offer a full-line of web hosting services. We also offer domain registration and web design services to help get your website up and running quickly.

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Satellite Internet may be the most reliable service that homes in rural areas can get. It can deliver high-speed Internet to your home even if it’s in a remote location. This is because it uses the satellites orbiting in space rather than a cable or phone lines. Rural Internet providers deliver this service to your home via a satellite receiver. Xfinity covers most of the country with pretty reliable, fast internet that goes up to gig speeds. Love it or hate it, Xfinity internet offers some pretty exceptional deals and speeds to almost all of the US. Its prices may not be the lowest, but they’re competitive—and Comcast Xfinity usually delivers the speeds it promises.