Feb 19, 2012

Answered: sky hub 4.2 - how many ethernet ports? - Sky hi . i have just signed up for sky superfast and they are sending a sky hub 4.2. i'm a bit confused as to whether this has 2 ethernet ports or 4? i believe the older models had 2 but there's a new one with 4 and i wasn't sure if the 4.2 is the new one with 4 ports? i need at least 4 so was wondering if i need to buy an ethernet switch or not. Solved: No Internet on LAN Ports WiFi fully connectivity Would be strange is all 4 LAN ports on 2 different routers went bad. I can access the router via the LAN port at Troubleshooting actions: PC/Laptop connected directly to cable modem – no issues – full connectivity; Added R7000 router - Wifi connection to internet works fine, no connectivity on LAN How To: Open NAT on Sky Broadband Routers. Makes for much

I bought a 10 port hub, 1gig ports, and put that under the TV, connected with a cat6 cable to the router, so everything under the TV, and the TV itself is plugged in there, plus spare ports I can use quickly uf wanted (say I want to plug laptop in to network for quicker file transfer speeds to and from NAS drive)

Sky Q Hub review: Finally, Sky makes a router that doesn’t

May 26, 2020

There could be various scenarios when you need to open port on a sky hub router (port forwarding). In my case I need to access my Linux PC for backing up my web server. If you have opened port on any router then all you need to find the menu on sky hub for … Port Forwarding not working Sky Q Router | AVForums Feb 24, 2019 Your Router's Security Stinks: Here's How to Fix It | Tom May 26, 2020 Why choose Sky Broadband - Benefits & Features of Sky Jul 23, 2019